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for “Acquisitions office of Contemporary Art and Culture 2023”

“a Weirdo the Last Music Box” 2023   

    The sound sculpture made from used sound objects, radio receivers, kid toys, etc. Installation in the inflatable transparent come tent 300 x 220 x 290 cm. at National Art Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Bangkok. The collection of Ministry of Culture Thailand 2023.

    A Weirdo - The sound sculpture will be made from used items and trash obtained from secondhand shops and acquaintances who brought them to me. These objects are capable of generating sound by themselves, such as radios, toys, and speakers, and some even capture the original owner's vibrations, much like the traces of sound on vinyl records. I will mount these records in a clear dome tent donated by people in Chiang Mai, which I obtained by accident before being invited by Ajarn Kamin to join

ART for AIR.    

    My goal is to combine these objects and explore the sounds within them, amplifying them together to create a public record of the sounds of objects that are no longer in use. This idea was inspired by inspecting the DIY Amplifier belonging to Khvay Loueng, a Cambodian inventor I used to work with who was featured in the short film "a Weirdo Never Fever Overry" Loueng's DIY Amplifier, made from junk electronics and connected by copper wires, had a box of cigarette packs attached to the converter to prevent it from vibrating. He usually uses the machine to amplify sounds for funerals in his neighborhood.

    A Weirdo The Last Music Box (Text by Kamin Lerchaiprasert)    Arnont has collected discarded objects and formed them into a virtual world. This world has a strange appearance, its inhabitants resembling both people and robots and also having aspects reminiscent of trees. It emits loud sound waves that may disturb us (noise) since we are unfamiliar with the world’s language. However, this may not be a problem for insects or other living things. Arnont also addresses the sound waves caused by errors and failures in film industry communication systems by combining them with the sounds of various insects that can be heard in nature at night. Today, material technology has advanced significantly, causing humans to distance themselves from nature and even forget its existence. The focus is on developing objects for humans, while neglecting all other environmental relationships. The destruction of ecosystems and other natural elements, such as forests, mountains, rivers, air, and other species, is a direct result of unconscious extravagant consumption and the disruption of nature, which causes it to lose balance. Arnont’s virtual world serves as a reminder of the messages that humans must hear before it’s too late and we face extinction.

Photos by Tnonra

more info : https://www.rcac84.com/art_collection/a_weirdo_the_last_music_box/


"a Weirdo - The Last Music Box" R.I.P Khvay Loueng (2020)

The master of Phnom Penh who teach me how to enjoy electronic junk and the vibration are continue .. Live In Peace!