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“Another Sound” project 2018

by Arnont Nongyao with Khvay Loeung
curator: Vuth Lyno

17 Jan - 30 Mar 2018 at Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

"Another Sound" is Phnom Penh’s first solo exhibition by Chiang Mai-based artist Arnont Nongyao. It is also the first time that Arnont exhibits with guest collaborator Khvay Loeung, a sound inventor from Phnom Penh. The exhibition presents sound and moving-image works by Arnont and Loeung exploring an approach to communications and the concept of life passing-on through sonic and visual mediations. With the language barrier between the two artists, the presented work is not only a result of their collaboration but in fact also the method of their collaboration. They attempt to achieve a mutual understanding through a sonic experimentation or rather another sound language. The exhibition also presents site-specific work intervening Sa Sa Art Projects space, turning the information of the space’s surface into a sonic vibration.