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TRANCE exhibition

The video installation 2014

Video installation is comprised of 4 works

(4 Full HD television monitors)

dimension variable

The video installation is comprised of 4 works, entitled, Thousand Hills, Are We All Just Dust?, Year Zero and For What It’s Worth. All works are derived from the deconstruction of propaganda songs. Deconstructing the music structure, Arnont & Piyarat recreate a new meaning to these songs. Among 3 parts of the work in this exhibition, this video installation is the only part that is mute. As the visuals in each video dance in relation to its rhythm and vibration, as if...they are attempting to communicate something through silence.

Are We All Dust? , 2014

HD Video / 1.51 minutes / silent sound

For What It’s Worth, 2014

HD Video / 2.31 minutes / silent sound

Thousand Hills , 2014

HD Video / 10.0 minutes / silent sound

Year Zero , 2014

HD Video / 2.30 minutes / silent sound