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Warpaper is an interactive visual and sound installation, installed in the dark room. The speaker, camera, and sensors are attached to a chair, an ordinary chair that is easily available but somehow looks familiar to one of a significant photograph in Thai history decades ago...or perhaps this is just another coincidence. The work Warpaper acts like the artist’s invitation, asking the audience to join in and become part of their work. The key note from one of the selected songs is decoded and transmitted to a speaker that is filled with water, createing a sitespecific installation. Then, the vibration and image changed according to the audience’s actions and participation. In this idea, “us” the audience, have changed our role from  ‘passive’ to ‘active’ as we are now the creator.

Warpaper 2014

Interactive sound and visual installation

(chair, speaker, sensors, camera)

dimension variable

TRANCE exhibition “WARPAPER”