“Currents 2019” Sound Theater in Phnom Penh

18 Mar - 7 Apr 2019

collaborate with Khvay Loeung, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


“A Visibility Matrix” curated by Sven Anderson & Gerard Byrne,

group exhibition at The Secession 2019, Vienna, Austria.
1 Feb - 31 Mar 2019.


“Sky Drink on Table’s Field (Sound Experimental performance)”

Sound art project (performance) 

Collection by Sound Collective


Kichijoji: Person-Specific Sound Performances

by Ken Ueno, dj sniff, Arnont Nongyao and Nut Sawasdee,
23 Feb 2019, at MAIIAM museum, Chiang Mai.


“Beyond the Final Frontier” curated by Lauren Reid”  
15 Jan - 20 Feb 2019 at Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

with artists : Visanu Euarchukiati, Prapat Jiwarangsan, Takuro Kotaka,Chulayarnnon Siriphol.


“ Bangkok 1899 opening” performance at Bangkok 1899 with Shayne P. Carter (NZ)
and Piyanart Jotikasthira, Bangkok, Thailand.
on 16 Feb 2019.


“Singapore Biennale 2019 Teaser” Experimental Performances by
Zai Tang & Arnont Nongyao 
26 Jan 2019 at SAM at 8Q, Singapore


Invited for exhibition at  “Bangkok Art Biennale”

it will be happen on 19 Oct 2018 - 3 Feb 2019, Bangkok Thailand.


Barrak: survibes is a Pavilion of Bangkok Biennial 2018

Guest performance with Shun Owada (JP) + Takeshi Hyakuto (JP)
14-16 Sep 2018, at Whiteline, Bangkok.


“Nusasonic/ Crossing Aural Geographies” experimental music festival 2018
be a part of workshop and performance.
2-13 October 2018, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


“Another Sound II” (experimental sound project) with Khvay Loeung (PP)

31 May - 29 June 2018 at Chiang Mai AIR, Chiangmai, Thailand.


“Poem From Nowhere” 2018 expanded cinema performance tour Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh : 30 Jun 2018, 9.00pm - 10.00pm at Cu-Ru bar.


Hanoi : 7 Jul 2018, 7.00pm - 9.00pm at Heritage space, organized by Dom Dom


“A Visibility Matrix” curated by Sven Anderson & Gerard Byrne,

, at The Douglas Hyde gallery, Dublin, Ireland.

7 June - 25 Aug 2018


TOWARD THE TACTILE VISIONS a multi-platform collaboration of visual and sound

Arnont Nongyao / Rei Hayama / Takashi Makino

curated by Pathompong Manakitsomboon

3-12 May 2018

Chiang Mai University Art Center


14-15 May 2018

Alliance francaise Bangkok


85-140 dB A Contemporry Sound & Media Installation

Venue: WTF Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

Exhibition Period: 24 April - 22 May 2018

Organized by Rai.D Collective


“Seeking Permission”
Exhibition: 21.04 - 21.05.2018 at Cartel Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand.


“ Postcripts” curated by Charoen Contemporaries ( Pavilion of Bangkok Biennial 2018),
Praisaneeyakarn, Bangkok, Thailand.
video installation  “ ilostmyselfintotheworldofsignalofyou”
co-work with Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN)


“Another Sound” Arnont Nongyao co-work with Khvay Loeung

17 Jan - 30 Mar 2018 at Sa Sa Art Projects,

Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


Artist Talk “Arnont Nongyao, DIY sound Art Strategies”
on 11 Mar 2018 start 3.30pm at MoTplus. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietname.

MoT #4 Trình diễn nghệ thuật âm thanh | Sound art performance.
Performing with Junichi Usui, Scobi Wan, Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective,
on 10 Mar 2018 start 7.30pm at MoTplus. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietname.

Artist talk “Arnont Nongyao Artist.Life”

23rd Feb 2018 time : 9.30-12.00 at Art and Design department, university of Phayao,
Phayao, Thailand.



“Chat...Naa” Solo exhibition by Arnont Nongyao
exhibition curator : Vuth Lyno
expanded curator : Pathompong Manakitsomboon
11 Nov - 5 Dec 2017  at Cartel Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand.

Cartel Artspace info : https://www.facebook.com/Cartelartpace/

“Sound Theater” a part of selection of market
curated by Angkrit Ajchariyasophon
1 Nov - 17 Dec 2017  at Yelo House, Bangkok, Thailand.

Yelo House info : https://www.facebook.com/yelohouse/

“Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)”

WRO on tour catalog online by WRO Media Art Biennale 2015

On tour exhibition
- at ECO- Expanded City, May 13-15, 2016
within the program of the European Capital of Culture, Wroclaw, Poland

  1. 1-at WRO Media Art Biennale 2017, May 17-21, 2017, Wroclaw, Poland



“Out of Control”
19 Aug - 10 Sep 2017 at Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

Artist : Arnont Nongyao, Surajate Tongchua, Nuttapon Sawasdee,

Israkran Yingyong (Comb), Ruangsak Anuwatwimon.

Curated by Chol Janepraphaphan



"Play in the Flow" exhibition  on 22 Sep - 5 Oct 2017 at Sriprakard Hotel, Chiangmai


Wantanee Siripattananuntakul

Arnont Nongyao & Piyarat Piyapongwiwat

Yamashita Takuya

Curator: Nakamura Fumiko

Coordinator:Kitchapon Ketchu

Organized by The Japan Foundation Asia Center

more info


“Asia Meeting Festival 2017”
14 Sep - 24 Sep 2017 in Fukuoka, Kyoto and Sendai, and will hold final in Sapporo at
the Sapporo International Arts Festival (SIAF), Japan

more info

: http://asianmusic-network.com/en/amf/

: http://siaf.jp/en/artists/arnont-nongyao

“Experts INMENTAL”

experimental music/visual performance,

on 08 Sep 2017, at The Edge, Chiangmai


“Asia Music Network Special” Saitama Triennale, Saitama, Japan.

On 25-27 Nov 2016

more info : https://saitamatriennale.jp/event/2095
                : http://asianmusic-network.com/archive/2016/10/saitamatriennale.html

“Mata Asia” Vision d’Asie : Asian Eye, Kelx 2015, La Lumiere, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

On 27 Oct 2016

Screening “ Ghost Rabbit & Casket Sales”


“Oscillation” curated by Vuth Lyno

Artists: Arnont Nongyao, Be Takerng Pattanopas, Stephanie Powell,
and Eiji Sumi with Hiroshi Miyata
At The Art Center, Office of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University
On Display: May 13–June 18, 2016


“Ghost Rabbit & Casket Sales”

Screening at IVAHM – Art House Madrid – La Neomudejar, Madrid, Spain.

May12 , 2016


Sound art Artist-in-residency program at

AVATAR  2016, Artists in Residence program, Quebec, Canada.
March 2016

# this residency program is a part of
BACC : Thai Artist, The Bangkok-Quebec exchange program 2016


“Ghost Rabbit & Casket Sales”

Screening at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

January 30-31, 2016


“5 Screening 5 Anarchy Artist”

curated by Takuro Kotaka, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan.

January 22, 2016


“MADATAC 07 New Media Art”

Centro Centro Cibeles, Madrid, Spain.

January 20 - 24, 2016


Tokyo Experimental Festival Vol.10

“Drink Sky on Rabbit’s Field (Funeral Song for Nothing)”

Experimental sound art performance.

December 4-5, 2015

Venue : Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Space A


“Drink Sky on Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)” 

Ghost Rabbit & The Casket Sales

2 films screening at

KLEX 2015, The 6th Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film, Video & Music Festival.

November 25-29, 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


“Drink Sky on Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)” 

MEM Experimental Arts International 2015, Bilbao, Spain.

November 5, 2015


Artist-in-residence program at

Koganecho Bazaar 2015 Artists in Residence program, Yokohama, Japan.
9 Aug- 6 Nov 2015


SMCC Contemporary Music Festival “ Sound Bridge” 2015

October 30-31, 2015

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


At Sluice Art Fair 2015- Surface Arts
"OPERA OF KARD THUNG FHA BOD" Sound art projects

October 15-18, 2015

Venue : Bargehouse Gallery, South Bank, London, UK.


Artist-in-residence program at Pisaot Residency

1 July - 8 August, 2015

Sa Sa Art Projects, The White Building, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


“Drink Sky on Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)”  screening at

HÄXÄN Festival film festival 2015,

Opening night: August 28 at 420 14th St, downtown Oakland, US.

Closing night: August 29 at the Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck Ave, US.


“Drink Sky on Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)”  screening at

USURP Zone 5 Film Festival 2015, Usurp art Gallery & Studio, London, UK.

August 14-17, 2015


“Drink Sky on Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)”  screening at

Poetry in Visual, City Museum of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal.

June 1-30 , 2015


“Drink Sky On Rabbit’s Field (Lost Control)”

16 Media Art Biennale WRO 2015, Wroclaw, Poland

13 May - 30 June 2015.


“Pioneer in Video Art from Thailand, Slovenia, Norway since 1980”
on 11 May - 30 Jun 2019 at BACC, Bangkok, Thailand.


“A Visibility Matrix” curated by Sven Anderson & Gerard Byrne,

group exhibition at Void Derry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
16 Apr - 8 Jun 2019.


MoT #10, “aNoise” : Sound art performance.
Performing with 000 and  Huong DoNa
on 19 Apr 2019 start 8.00 pm at MoTplus. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietname.

“Visible Reminder of Invisible Light” with Ken Ueno
Performing with 000 and  Huong DoNa
on 6 Jul 2019 start 8.00 pm at Salon Saigon. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietname.

“Saigon Experimental Film Festival II” screening of “Ghost Rabbit & Casket Sales
at A.Farm, on 27 Sep 2019 start 6.00pm, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

New commission of “Opera of Kards ” sound art and video 12 channels installation
for Singapore Biennale 2019,

exhibit on 22 Nov 2019 - 22 Mar 2020, Singapore.


New commission of “Amnesia Mole” by ADRUNNOGNT,
collaborated with NGUYEN NGOC TU DUNG,
12-16 Dec 2019, Wonderfruit, Pattaya, Chon Buri.


“S(k)now Artist in School program” 2020 (ADRUNNOGNT),
Tenjinyama Art Studio, Sapporo, Japan.


/ news


Sound piece of “Opera of Kards ” broadcasted at Archipel Community Radio / Berlin Postdam,
curated by Rava Vavara (Eva Macali) episode 21.


Sound of Life featuring Sound of Cities “Opera of Kard” interview.


#1 Trickster Orchestra: Disturbing the Universal / DIY, 25 Oct 20,  Radialsystem, Berlin.


“A WEIRDO NEVER FEVER OVERRY” screening at The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2021, on 13-15 Feb 2021, at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum 1F, Tokyo.
A new essay film is part of Monographs, a new series of essays on Asian cinema commissioned
by the Asian Film Archive (AFA).

“INTERVAL” project curated by Olivia Poloni and Sarah Bond
re-present “How to make DIY instruments moving sound bicycle instrument workshop in 2016 “
2016 Saitama Triennale.

“A WEIRDO NEVER FEVER OVERRY” screening  Monographs (Monografías) - Muestra de video ensayo asiático at En junio, viva la Cinemateca de Bogotá , Idartes, Bogota, Columbia.
on 3-6 Mar 2021

“A WEIRDO NEVER FEVER OVERRY (2020)” screening at DIFF festival 2020 on 29 Oct 20.
A new essay film is part of Monographs, a new series of essays on Asian cinema commissioned
by the Asian Film Archive (AFA).

“A WEIRDO NEVER FEVER OVERRY” screening at Singapore International Film Festival 31th
(SGIFF 2020) on 1 Dec 2020, Oldham Theatre, 9.30pm.
A new essay film is part of Monographs, a new series of essays on Asian cinema commissioned
by the Asian Film Archive (AFA).

Three Film Poems by Arnont Nongyao” screening  at National Museum of Asian Art,
Washington, DC, USA.
16 Apr -2 May 2021

“A WEIRDO NEVER FEVER OVERRY” screening  at National Museum of Asian Art,
Washington, DC, USA.
16 Apr -2 May 2021

“A WEIRDO NEVER FEVER OVERRY” screening  Monographs (Monografías) -
ESSAY Film Festival 2021, Online screening, UK.
on 25 Mar - 3 Apr 2021

“Opera of Kard II” exhibition at “Project: The Folly” curated by CHUANG Wei-Tzu
Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Art Space V, Taipei, Taiwan.
15 May - 11 July 2021,
info : https://clab.org.tw/en/events/thefolly/

INFINITO NERO infinite darkness, curated by Ken Ueno, Amy Chan : light artist,

Arnont Nongyao : Moving images artist. Hong Kong New Music Ensemble : Dominique Chan,

Mezzo soprano, Vicky Shin : conductor.

8 May 2021, Osage gallery, Hong Kong.


“Fertile Ground” Co-Curated by Olivia Poloni & Sarah Bond, 
at Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia.
10 Jul - 29 Aug 2021,
info : http://oliviapoloni.com/curatorial-projects

The Cinematheque : Film Monographs: Video Essays on Asian Cinema, Vancouver, BC Canada.
on 14-27 May 2021
info :

Sound Of Cities: The Melodic Cacophony Of Thailand’s Operatic Markets

Interview “Opera of Kard”
by Richard Augustin

“A Weirdo Never Fever Overry” screening at
“Contemporary Video Art” Thailand & Austria/EU Friendship,
curated by Komson Nookiew
25 May - 5 June 2022
at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

“ Informative to Transformative” ADRUNNOGNT
curated by Ploy Charoenpol .
2 Arp -  3 Jul 2022
at Jing Jai gallery, Chiangmai, Thailand.


Artist talk “ an experimental talk : deep in re-sensory by Arnont Nongyao”
9 Sep 2022, 1-4pm, 4th floor lecture room.
Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai.
Organized by Multidisciplinary department.

“Gentle But Make Noise” (GBMN)

The new adventures with experimental sound inside of yo..- !
Experimental sound art workshop with Arnont Nongyao

6-7 Aug 2022, at Rong Cheang: A Community Art Studio, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Organized by Sa Sa Art Projects

artist in residency at ROŠA - Regional Open Science Hardware & Art, Indonesia
15 Oct - 10 Nov 2022, ROŠA-Residency - Yogyakarta.


“Amnesia Mole 2 ” sound installation by ADRUNNOGNT,
collaborated with NGUYEN NGOC TU DUNG (VN),
15-18 Dec 2022, Wonderfruit, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand.

“ Ken Ueno & Arnont Nongyao” sound and moving Images performance
for Parasite Village”  curated by Elisa Erkelenz at HELLERAU, Dresden, Germany.
  26 April 2023

“Nezen, a hrupen delavnica” (Gentle But Make Noise) workshop
conductor by Marc Dusseiller.

24 Jan 2023, at Kulturni Inkubator, Maribor, Slovania.


Tutorial ‘Drinking Woodo's Sky’ (Yogyakarta version)

(Gentle But Make Noise) workshop


Workshop sound and music for “Sekolah Main Wayang” at Bota, Malaysia.
Feb - Mar 2023

info : https://sekolahmainwayang.com/

“a Weirdo the Last Music Box” sound sculpture, ART for AIR group exhibition at DC collection,
Chiangmai, Thailand.
  10 Mar - 30 April 2023
info https://www.artforair.org/panic-world/

“Instrumental Possibility” curated by Lynda Tay at Esplanade Tunnel, Singapore

  26 May-10 Sep 2023.

“Gentle But Make Noise (GBMN)”  Workshop, Bitwäscherei, Zentralwascherei,
Zurich, Switzerland.

9 May 2023.


“Cycle and Recycle” Blauses Rauschen festival, Sound exhibition,
curated by Karl-Heinz Blomann
at Forum Kunst & Architektur, Essen, Germany.
6-23 June 2023.

Radio interview Wayang TEK-tek with Sekolah Main Wayang Fairuz Sulaiman,
Co-founder, Sekolah Main Wayang | Ayam Fared, Co-founder, Sekolah Main Wayang | Arnont Nongyao, Experimental Sound Artist
9 March 2023 at BFM 89.9 radio station, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

“Hacker In Residence Program” at HackerSpace” Bitwäscherei, Zurich, Switzerland.
May 2023.



Listening Biennial 2023” “Use Your Ears”  curated by Dayang Yraola
etc, at Tokyo Instituto Camoes (Tokyo) and UP Fine Arts Gallery (College of Fine Arts University of the Philippines) at locations and venues across the world and. taking p;ace from July 6 - Augst 8, 2023.
info :

a new sound installation “Amnesia Anthills ” sound installation by ADRUNNOGNT,
collaborated with NGUYEN NGOC TU DUNG (VN), for The Great Gathering
17-20 Nov 2023, The Great Gathering, Sai Mok waterfall, Mae Rim, Chiangmai.

“Under The Tree Tango” sound workshop and sound installation by ADRUNNOGNT,
collaborated with NGUYEN NGOC TU DUNG (VN),
14-18 Dec 2023, Wonderfruit, Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand.

“a Weirdo The Last Music Box” for  “Acquisitions Office of Contemporary Art and Culture” 20 Oct- 17 Dec 2023 at Gallery 4, National Art Gallery, Ministry of Culture, Bangkok, Thailand.

"Rehearsals for A Folding Scene: Textual and Sonic Performances”

by Arnont Nonygoa (TH), Amelia Barratt (UK) and Daryl Qilin Yam (SG)
on 2nd Dec at Esplanade Concourse. at Guo-Liang Tan installation,

Register link : https://www.esplanade.com/whats-on/festivals-and-series/series/visual-arts/rehearsals-for-a-folding-scene-textual-and-sonic-performances

Interview for  “Instrumental Possibility” by Lynda Tay at Esplanade Tunnel, Singapore

info : https://www.esplanade.com/offstage/arts/insights-instrumental-possibility