Multi-Purpose Canvas of Phenomenon 2014

Site Specific Sound Installation

Mixer, 10 Speakers, Multi-Purpose Canvas, 8 sensor, amplify.

Drift Project#1A series of experimental sound project.

at BACC, Bangkok, Thailand.

Multi-Purpose Canvas of Phenomenon 2014

As the universe is expanding, the galaxies are getting farther from each other. People’s conditions in the present art not following it yet. We try to speed up time and downsize things. These attempts.thus have a physical impact on us. For example, a space joining and entrance to an exit is used just as a passage, on the other hand, in terms of existence, it actually enables people to see and interact with each other as much as possible. This space is like the expansion of people’s relationship in terms of looking at each other’s lives. This is considered a paradox that impacts on the feeling happening in the space. Therefore, relaxing time of energy and compressed sound can also create relationship between lives in the space.