“Another Sound” project 2018

by Arnont Nongyao with Khvay Loeung
curator: Vuth Lyno

17 Jan - 30 Mar 2018 at Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

"Another Sound" is Phnom Penh’s first solo exhibition by Chiang Mai-based artist Arnont Nongyao. It is also the first time that Arnont exhibits with guest collaborator Khvay Loeung, a sound inventor from Phnom Penh. The exhibition presents sound and moving-image works by Arnont and Loeung exploring an approach to communications and the concept of life passing-on through sonic and visual mediations. With the language barrier between the two artists, the presented work is not only a result of their collaboration but in fact also the method of their collaboration. They attempt to achieve a mutual understanding through a sonic experimentation or rather another sound language. The exhibition also presents site-specific work intervening Sa Sa Art Projects space, turning the information of the space’s surface into a sonic vibration.

“Another Sound” short documentary when Arnont was following Loeung to funeral and learning at Loeung’s studio.

“Another Sound” performance at opening exhibition Arnont and Loeung, Sa Sa Art projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.