/ soundy I / Under the Tree Tango, 2023

“Under the Tree Tango” (ADRUNNOGNT), 2023
by ADRUNNOGNT (Arnont Nongyao (TH) and Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN))

    Workshop and Sound Installation by 42 megaphones installed on the tree and 16 horn speakers 32 channels, curated by Nikan Wasinondh at WonderFruit festival 2023, Pattaya, Thailand.
    The sound installation combines "Under the Tree Tango" (2023) and "Amnesia Mole I - II" (2019-2023). This installation has been ongoing since 2019, featuring field recordings from the WonderFruit festival and the "Inner Voice Vibration" workshop in 2023.

Inner Voice Vibration” workshop used the megaphone as a tool for recording participants' voices. The concept of using the megaphone is inspired by Ken Ueno, a composer, vocalist, and sound artist (https://kenueno.com/). Participants walked around the WonderFruit site and tried to find areas that attracted their ears, encouraging them to stop and concentrate on listening. After that, they will be asked to re-generate the sounds using their voices, record them into megaphones, and then paint on the megaphones. All the megaphones installed as part of the sound installation "Under the Tree Tango"

Under the Tree Tango"  The sounds are not only those we can hear physically but also the vibrations that flow through our bodies. We are mixing the vibrations under our skin, in our toes, between our hairs, inside our mouths, and in our bellies. Perhaps it has something to do with the way our cells absorb, process, and spread out the vibrations. The vibration one carries is always different for each being, even when we interact with the same sound.
    The sound you listen is an overlay of vibrations, making it difficult to discern their exact origin. It resembles the sounds of a city or a forest, with the complex vibrations creating a sense of mutual involvement. The experience of listening to this sound installation goes beyond merely using your ears to listen.

Project advisor : Marc Dusseiller (CH), and Karl-Heinz Blomman (DE).
Artist assistant : Paisarn Am-pim (TH).
Curated by Nikan Wasinondh.
Organized by WonderFruit team.
Photos by Tnonra.


Thank you for all participants were a part of “Under the Tree Tango”