/ soundy I / The Shadow(y) Needs No Bones, 2023

“The Shadow(y) Needs No Bones” 2023

    "The Shadow(y) Needs No Bones" 2023 for "Instrumental Possibility"

dual solo exhibition with Rosemainy Buang  curated by Lynda Tay
at Esplanade Tunnel, Singapore.

    The Shadow(y) Needs No Bones by Arnont is centred around five participatory instruments devised with LDR (light-dependent resistor) sensors. Brightly coloured and reminiscent of the inner mechanisms of an amplifier, sounds generated by the instruments are further activated through the shadows of passers-by and are undergirded by Arnont’s long-standing interest in the idea of public instruments and creating sounds collaboratively.

Photos by Esplande’s team.


Interview for  “Instrumental Possibility” by Lynda Tay

info : https://www.esplanade.com/offstage/arts/insights-instrumental-possibility