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“Sound Theater in Phnom Penh 2019”

Sound installation and audio-visual performance,
15 radio receivers (modification), dimensions variable.
by Arnont Nongyao and Khvay Loeung, Curated by Vuth Lyno.

at CURRENTS 2019  (Tan Par Apartment & Diamond Island), Phnom Penh.

Photos by Miguel Jeronimo and Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung.
CURRENTS 2019 commission.
more info : https://www.facebook.com/currents2019/

In this second part of sound intervention, the artists invite participants to join in a performance with radios forming into a musical ensemble that moves along a pedestrian lane on the Diamond Island. About ten recycled radio receivers will turn to random channels in certain rhythms that orchestrate a form of theatre.

Khvay Loeung (b. 1940, Svay Rieng) is a sound specialist and inventor. He is also an Ajar for funeral ceremonies. With a strong interest in electronics, Loeung self-teaches and experiments with sound creation. He creates and modifies DIY sound equipment for his work at the funerals where he performs both as a mediator and supplier and controller of sound system. He continuously reinvents his sound system including amplifiers and speakers.

at Diamond Island