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“Opera of Kard (market)” 2019

Opera of Kard (Market), 2019

12-channel video installation, 12 stereo speakers, Dimension variable,
at Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore.
Singapore Biennale 2019 commission.
Curated by Vipash Purichanont.

The sound and video installation "Opera of Kad" was created by recording sounds and videos from 12 local flea markets in northern Thailand. These markets, which take place 2-3 times a week in each area, are cultural hubs where people gather to socialize and share stories unique to their community. The field sound recordings were made using a sound effect loop station, which allows for the overlaying of sounds, capturing the unique rhythms of the sounds of each market.
    Some of these markets are located on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, where the mix of languages creates fascinating new dialects. The recordings also capture the ambient sounds of cooking and animals being sold, all of which combine to form the "Opera of Kad." This installation is not just an auditory experience; The audiences also feel the vibrations, open the new sensory pathways for perception and listening.

Text by Vipash Purichanont, (curator)

“Interested in the notion of sound as a vibration and the world as a network of complex vibrations, Arnont Nongyao creates experimental sound performances and installations. Opera of Kard (Market) is an immersive multi-screen installation. Each of the 12 channels plays back the sounds and scenery from a kard, or local market in northern Thailand. These weekly markets are gathering places where people from different ethnic backgrounds congregate, communicate and trade. From people chattering to birds singing and the wind blowing, each kard is, for the artist, also a musical score. Rearranged into a single composition, the sounds now come together as a socio-cultural operatic performance of the kard.”

info : https://www.singaporeartmuseum.sg/Art-Events/Exhibitions/Singapore-Biennale-2019


Aritst interview about process of field recording for Opera of Kard for SB 2019

12 sound channels mixing of Opera of Kard for Singapore Biennale 2019