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“Gentle But Make Noise” 2022

Workshop Gentle But Make Noise (GBMN):
The experimental sound workshop is about “How to make a simple noise generator by pencil drawing and a simple electronic circuit on the local materials”, participators found local objects (plastic bottles, wood, paper, etc) and made simple noise generators on the objects as unique instruments after that we are playing GBMN together.

at Rong Cheang: A Community Art Studio, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This is a non-linear experimental sound art workshop.

Chapter 18:

"I saw you go faster on the rice field...

What is your name?

You just once destroy it.

A cat sings to the stones"

Chapter 26:

Walking into the rhythm of the public to understand ourselves.

Chapter 12:

Share the confusion with each other. "Nothing is wrong."

*The name of this workshop is from Takayuki Yamamoto's sentence, Sapporo, 2020.

This experimental sound workshop was 2 days
Day1: Listening our songs and How to make a simple noise generator.
Day2: Walking through the market, hearing, and participants record their voices.

Finally, all of the participants play noise and learn to listen to each other.

RaungJeang: A Community Art Studio. RaungJeang is a new community art studio initiated by Sa Sa Art Projects, as part of Sa Sa’s participation in documenta15, 2022. It is intended to be a space for the Cambodian artistic communities to learn, exchange, and experiment in their practices. Artists can use the studio to experiment and create works, while a series of workshops by renowned artists from Southeast Asia and internationally will be organized.

Photos by Sa Sa Art Projects team.