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“Gentle But Make Noise” 2022

Workshop Gentle But Make Noise (GBMN):
“The new adventures with experimental sound inside of yo..- !” with Arnont Nongyao
at Rong Cheang: A Community Art Studio, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This is a non-linear experimental sound art workshop.

Chapter 18:

"I saw you go faster on the rice field...

What is your name?

You just once destroy it.

A cat sings to the stones"

Chapter 26:

Walking into the rhythm of the public to understand ourselves.

Chapter 12:

Share the confusion with each other. "Nothing is wrong."

*The name of this workshop is from Takayuki Yamamoto's sentence, Sapporo, 2020.

This experimental sound workshop was 2 days
Day1: Listening our songs and How to make a simple noise generator.
Day2: Walking through the market, hearing, and participants record their voices.

Finally, all of the participants play noise and learn to listen to each other.

RaungJeang: A Community Art Studio. RaungJeang is a new community art studio initiated by Sa Sa Art Projects, as part of Sa Sa’s participation in documenta15, 2022. It is intended to be a space for the Cambodian artistic communities to learn, exchange, and experiment in their practices. Artists can use the studio to experiment and create works, while a series of workshops by renowned artists from Southeast Asia and internationally will be organized.

Photos by Sa Sa Art Projects team.