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Gentle But Make Noise III (GBMN) workshop

Gentle But Make Noise III (GBMN) workshop
In collaborated with Wayang TEKtek

(Ayam Fared, Fairuz Sulaiman)

at Kg. Tumbuh Hangat, Bota, Perak, Malaysia.
Project managed by GERIMIS
With funding from High Commission of Canada to Malaysia.

    GBMN Workshop is part of creating sound effects for Wayang (shadow puppet) workshop program by Wayang TEKtek. It involves sharing knowledge about making musical instruments by ourselves, which takes about a week. The workshop focuses on sound, learning to listen to the sounds around us, making instruments from bamboo, and participating in the Gentle But Make Noise workshop together. For this GBMN creation, the students used materials found within the village, such as trash, plastic bottles, wood, wires, and household scraps. These materials were also used in the shadow puppet play. After completing the DIY instruments, they were used to perform music alongside the shadow puppet show held in the village.

GBMN workshop focused on creating DIY instruments capable of generating simple noise frequencies using only a few electronic components. The design of each instrument depended on the participants, who used local objects (plastic bottles, wood, paper, etc.) to build their creations. The resulting sounds varied, with each simple instrument representing the inner vibrations and personal expressions of its maker. Once the instruments were completed, the participants communicated through GBMN, collectively producing sounds that formed a unified sound collective, reflecting the diversity of each individual. Some participants used these instruments to release internal pressures, expressing sounds that might otherwise remain trapped inside.”

The students participated : Lida, Odie, Muyi, Mali, Amin, Vivi, Era, Uwa, Alang, Yana, Amor, Hana, Iqwan, Omei, Aiza, Anezz, & Nadia.

Photos by Keyroll.

interview : https://bfm.my/podcast/bigger-picture/live-and-learn/wayang-tek-tek-with-sekolah-main-wayang

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GBMN by the students at Kg. Tumbuh Hangat, Bota.

video GBMN workshop in Phnom Penh