/ soundy I / FUTURE BASKETBALL, 2023

“Future Basketball” 2023
sound and moving images performance
by Ken Ueno & Arnont Nongyao

    Future Basketball is an installation/performance piece by the composer/vocalist, Ken Ueno, and the video artist/sound artist, Arnont Nongyao, foregrounding their bodies as instruments, the dribbling of basketballs triggers sounds that traverse the range from the locally referential (memories of basketball games), to the global (open-air markets in Thailand) and abstract (masterpieces of early modernist electronic music), to the gunshots and references to protest, and to the uniquely corporal (towards the end of the piece, Ueno smacks the microphone against his chest - an ontological telescoping of the world to the singular, a single heartbeat, or as Ueno says, "my heart on the outside."

Commissioned by Outernational as part of their Parasite Village project
at the Festspielhaus at Hellerau, Germany, on April 26, 2023.

Curated by: Elisa Erkelenz.
Videographer: Florian Schmuck.
Photos by : Hellerau team.
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