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“ECIOV 2019”

Sound installation,
6 speakers, 6 media players, 6 sound files.
apart of
group exhibition “BEYOND THE FINAL FRONTIER”
at S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre, Bangkok

artists : Visanu Euarchukiati, Prapat Jiwarangsan, Takuro Kotaka,
Arnont Nongyao and Chulayarnnon Siriphol
curated by
Lauren Reid.

photos by Preecha Pattara

info : https://lauren-reid.com/Beyond-the-final-frontier

Eciov is a soundscape of outer space created especially for this exhibition. Arnont Nongyao is an avid collector of sounds, with a particular interest in the concept of ‘vibration’. Through careful listening, he hears voices inside the buzzing of bees, the rush of a waterfall, or the humming of car engines in a traffic jam. These sounds of daily life and the voices that he hears within them, are amplified for this installation. Arnont aims to bring on an awareness of the ‘codes’ and ‘language’ around us so that we can tune into potential hidden forms of communication that we are not usually aware of.

Visitors are invited to slowly move around the circle of speakers, listening carefully for moments of harmony and discord and secret languages inside them.

text by Lauren Reid