/ soundy I / chat...naa bab 2018

“Chat...Naa for Bangkok Art Biennale 2018”

Sound and visual installation,
vibrating camera, rainbow light ball, wooden chamber, speakers, projector.
at Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 (Temple of the Iron Fence)

Photos by Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung.
Bangkok Art Biennale commission.
info : http://bab18.bkkartbiennale.com/profile/arnont-nongyao/

“Chat” means life, incarnation or nation. “Naa” means next, future, or to come.
The playfulness in the title reflects the attention to a state of yet to come.
A state that is transforming and being transformed. It is at once unstable and fragile, yet full of potential. Arnont, therefore, invites us to experience a realm of transition and possibility.