/ soundy I / another sound II

“Another Sound II” (experimental sound project) 2018

by Arnont Nongyao with Khvay Loeung (PP)
curated by Vuth Lyno (PP)
Exchange program with Sa Sa Art Project, Phnom Penh,
Performance and Sound art installation.

31 May - 29 June 2018 at Chiang Mai AIR, Chiangmai, Thailand.

    Another Sound II is the second part of an exchange project by Khvay Loeung and Arnont Nongyao, which stems from the two artists’ encounter during Arnont’s residency with Sa Sa Art Projects in Phnom Penh in 2015. Part one of the project—Another Sound—was realised early this year at Sa Sa Art Projects, where Arnont spent time with Loeung in Phnom Penh to collaboratively produced moving images, sound and photographs, exploring an experimental approach to communications and a concept of life passing-on through sonic and visual mediations.

    In this edition, Leoung in turn came to Chiang Mai to work and explore a new experience with Arnont. The collaboration results in a live performance and an exhibition at Chiang Mai AIR. The artists engage and activate two levels of the space, turning it into an immersive sonic chamber. Using two recycled amplifiers as sound generators and image sources, the artists communicate by exchanging audio and visual information to each other across floors, whereas the audience can experience and act as an oscillation by walking up and down between the two stations.

    Because of the communication barrier between the two artists—who do not share a common language—the presented work is not only a result of their collaboration but in fact also the very method of their collaboration. They attempt to achieve a mutual understanding through a sonic experimentation: through another sound language. The exhibition brings to bear the honesty of material conditions as a form of active agent. The experimentation of materiality, as well as the use of sound derived from physical matters, is mirrored in both practices of Arnont and Loeung. (text by Vuth Lyno)