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“Amnesia Mole” 2022
Curated by Nikan Wasinondh,
Arnont Nongyao (TH) & Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN)
at Wonder Fruit, Pattaya, Thailand.
Sound installation, site-specific sound recording,
32 horn speakers, 16 amplifiers.

    The Amnesia Mole II (2022) continues the field recordings from
Amnesia Mole I (2019) by adding 16 additional audio channels, increasing the sound installation to 32 channels. This process is akin to recording more layers of sound each year, with each year's recordings reflecting the different environmental characteristics of that time. When these sounds are mixed together in the installation, they create vibrations that represent the auditory landscape of Wonder Fruit. Listeners can perceive the distinct layers of sound and their harmonious blending.

Amnesia Mole. This installation compiles sound recordings from The Fields; sounds from distant and disparate locations such as lakes, trees, grounds, sky, construction, and animals are drawn into a host structure. Inside, visitors experience a symphonic combination of the sounds, and investigate their sources. Familiar and strange vibrations intermix to create a new language we can observe together.