/ soundy I / Amesia Anthills

“Amnesia Anthills” 2023
Sound installation 12 channels at the site.
12 horn speakers, 6 amplifiers.
by (ADRUNNOGNT) Arnont Nongyao (TH) & Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN)
Organized by The Great Gathering team.
at The Great Gathering, 2023
Sai Mok waterfall, Chiangmai, TH.

Amnesia Anthills This installation compiles sound recordings from The Fields; sounds from distant and disparate locations such as lakes, trees, grounds, sky, villages, construction, and animals are drawn into a host structure. Inside, visitors experience a symphonic combination of the sounds and investigate their sources. Familiar and strange vibrations intermix to create a new language we can observe together. The sound installation combines 12 horn speakers at the forest path of Sai Mok waterfall “The Great Gathering” 2023.

This sound installation is derived from recordings of various areas at different times. During The Great Gathering event, these recorded sounds create a dialogue with the real-time sounds occurring at that moment. Birds circle the area, singing in response to the sound installation, or frogs croak louder, competing with the recorded sounds.